1st Meeting for Tourism Business Circle Brief and Next Steps

Hello fellow Tourism Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs,

We had a small and productive gathering for Tourism enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in February and below are some of the key areas discussed and interesting initiatives that we can support.

Attended by:

Abdullah El Gohary, Castraa
Amr Moustafa, Steplanza
Fady Wahib
Mohamed El-Lawendy
May Gad

We discussed the categorization of the Tourism industry into sub-sectors based on purpose of traveller.

Discussing the challenges of the Tourism industry in Egypt, we agreed that it’s a “positioning” challenge. Of moving from a low cost destination into a niche/differentiated position.

We discussed interesting initiatives such as:

Marketing Missions
Reviews from Expats (Vieos Instagram)
Experience-based Tourism
Linking programs to regional destinations
Integrating tourism promotion with influencers

We discussed entities to engage:

Egyptian Travel Agencies Association

Emerging startups:
Egypt Hikers Club


We are still yet to connect with Ahmed who developed a tourism-specific online marketing strategy

Feel free to add any missing points we discussed above.

We look forwrd to meeting again in our next Tourism business circle soon.



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