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Hello fellow Egypreneur(s)!

We have heard you during the past SpeedNetworking events requesting and online extension to the events. And here we are launching Egypreneur Community to provide a virtual communication platform for our members and guests and to add more space time for all the interesting discussions we have initiated.

We have plans on starting discussion forums per industry, per topic and per each individual specific needs for our community members, but we will start in this simple thread by requesting you to introduce youself to the community in the same manner you introduce yourself during our SpeedNetworking events.

At the beginning only those who registered for our events in 2018 will be invited to forum to maintain and build on a high level of engagement.

Feel free to get stared by hitting the Reply button and posting a personal introduction below, suggested format as below:

  • What’s your name and job title?
  • Which industry or domain of expertise you are most interested at?
  • What are you currently working on growing?
  • How did you know about Egypreneur? Have you attended any previous events?
  • What do you need help with now? How we can help you grow?

And the Mic to you now…

P.S. If you are visiting from any other source and would like to participate, you can create an account and join the conversation by visiting the link below:

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My name is Islam Salah Montaser,
Im a founder of C Print for marketing materials And Work Yard co-working space.
I can help and start up to grow up through providing a suitable place to work with all facilities and legalization papers And all branding with printed needs.

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Thanks for the introduction Islam. I remember some of our community members have been asking about the requirements to setup a coworking space. I think Fardous and Heba. Will make an intro once they signup here too :slight_smile:

Abdallah Tharwat / managing director at Pyramids For Agriculture Investment
i’m specialized in business to business deals in import & export ,
my company based on exporting fresh fruits and vegetables from Egypt ,
i have heard about Egypreneur through Facebook ,
i need help because i want to scale my business & i’m going to change the license of the company from Solo company to shareholders company , so i would like to negotiate with investors that interested in Agri Business .

  1. Tamer Mady, Managing Partner
  2. Venture Capital, Angel Investors.
  3. Network Delivery (Starting in Rehab and New Cairo).
  4. Registered through a friend, attended January Speed Networking Event.
  5. Contact with an Angel Investor.

Welcome on board Abdallah, also as premium member - you’ll find a “Premium” beside your avatar here. Feel free to upload your photo to make it easier to recognize you and you are at the right place when it comes to reaching out and connecting with investors :wink:

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Hey Mady, welcome on board. I didn’t get exactly what you do? You are running a startup in “Network Delivery” - how does this work exactly? And I understand you are currently looking to raise funding, correct? - we will start creating groups and categories for different needs here…

Also, would be wonderful if you can update your profile, uploading a photo and editing your details will make it easiers for fellow Community members to recognize and connect with you.


Our Video:


Hello everyone,

Thanks Egypreneur Team for the great initiative and good work.

This is May, working as business development manager at Arab affiliate summit AKA AAS, I love communities and community building that’s why AAS means a lot to me.

Currently having my PMP in Riti, having lots of online course, This year of (TOTAL SELF INVESTMENT) as I call it year of knowledge.

Known about Egypreneur by passing by the street everyday on my way home, saw the sign, googled it and got results of event coming, and I attended first networking activity.

I currently need to hire (sponsorship coordinator & Product Manager to my project), know details from the below links:

Here’s my linkedin as well :))

have really nice productive day

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Mahmoud Abdallah
Partner/Board Member
Commercial General Manager JOBMASTER Group
My main expertise is Human Capital, Commercial & Management.
Knew about Egypreneur from email & attended one event & looking forward to network with all member either to support their business or to find mutual business opportunities that we can partner in.
Hope to have interactive mobile app for discussion & network to make it easier.

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Welcome on board Mahmoud, your account has been upgraded to “premimum” - Thanks for your feedback and yes, we have a mobile application planned. We are getting the ball running with our platform here and will start with the app the soonest. I checked the interface of on mobile and it’s also fine on browser for the time being.

We’ll start a category here for Human Resources and People Management soon, will look forward to your contributions there.



aww, it’s good to know the tiny street signs have made some impact. Will consider upgrading then.

Welcome on board, we are planning a job board here as well. Not sure which platform fits the most, as a community builder, which platform do you think we should use for a job board? Our Wordpress site or we can get started with a category in the community here?

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Hello Abdo , I’m happy to see you again!, It reminds me of the good old times :slight_smile:

Best Regards
Ahmed Abu Eldahab
Co-Founder & CTO @

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Welcome on board, Ahmed. Good old times? You got me curious… Whenever it was , hopefully it comes back 10 fold here :wink:

P.S. I think you forgot to introduce yourself to the rest of the community above :smile:

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Thanks bro , and I introduced my self in 3 short words :slight_smile:

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Ehab Samir, Orange - Telecom - Technology strategy management + some entrepreneurship activities running.
usually attend the annually rise up summit

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Hi All!

Thank you for the invitation and pretty exciting to see the relative EN activity in an AR market :slight_smile:! I happen to be the second part of a “2 man” consultant team who have recently moved to Egypt for fame, glory & sun. My wife was a square mile investment banking analyst, is an actuary and can model any scenario like you have never seen before. But lets start with me…

My name is Mo, I am from England and have previously lived in Egypt between 2004 to 08 when I worked on the Digital signage screens at OnTheRun and CityStars as well as the rebranding look and feel for EgyptAir, my last project.

My background covers a wide range of ares including advertising marketing and business strategy / growth. Having advised, worked and sweated startups lately in London I want to bring some of that juice back here in Egypt into any startup that would want to get a better understanding of HOW to get to WHERE it wants to go. Perhaps the most important part of any business journey is not the end destination but the entire route to said destination.

Engez ma3 el EnglishMan min boola2 is the fastest way I would describe how I like to approach strategy and development and probably the most straight talking (with substance) guy here :stuck_out_tongue: (mush fatye ya3ni).

Currently I am working with Schaduf to reinforce a community rooftop farm business model designed for low income areas, like Helwan, where technology and process can help low income families get a couple hundred more pounds a month working as “partners” with us. Its a long story but fairly straight forward…

Need an eye over your strategy / plan / material / idea - talk to us :star_struck:

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Hi, my name is Sayed Alaa Bassiouny.

Co-Founder & operations responsible @ Bookabikia.

  • is an online social platform aiming to provide books with the least prices via exchanging;
    1- Give us your books.
    2- Get points in return of them.
    3- By these points, get other books.

  • Since June 2017 till now, we have exchanged more than 10,000 books.

  • February 2018, we won the 1st place as the best culture website in Mobadra Competition at Cairo Book Fair, organized by Ministry of Culture.

  • I know about Egypreneur from Facebook. I attended the First event.

  • We need contacts with Investors & Institutions interested in Social Startups.

  • Thanks so much for this beautiful website & waiting for next upgrades.
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Hi, everyone!
Thank you, Abdo and Egypreneur team for this hopefully useful platform.
My name is Mona Khalil and I’m a co-founder and programme director of Carpe Diem for Education & Consulting.
Carpe Diem is a Swedish-Russian-Egyptian company specialized in prime, innovative and high standard educational programmes and expert consultancy. Seems like we are the first company in Egypt bringing professional education programmes in the spheres of Cross-Cultural Competence & Communication / Arts Management & Curating.
I knew about Egypreneur via Facebook and was lucky to attend its first speed networking event.
Would appreciate networking and getting into contact with those in charge of universities and serious education centers/companies. As well as spreading awareness about cross-cultural competence education as long as it’s a very new concept in Egypt.
Thank you again and my very best regards with your project!


My name is Ahmad Hafez.
I am interested in R&D, Product Development and the whole Innovation Management Process.
I am starting my new entrepreneurship venture in the innovation management.
I knew about Egypreneur from a meeting with its founder. Unfortunately could’t manage to attend any of the previous events due to times contradictions.
I need help with Start ups Risk Assessment and Financial Projection Models (Financial Statements & Financial Ratios).

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