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Sure, always open for collaboration especially with our members. Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming SpeedNetworking event and to discuss further. - getting a workshop done should be a piece of cake.


I’m almost working on the same idea :smiley::smiley: , actually many people are doing so.

Here will add benefit to the community visitors of platform :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Abdelrahman.
I am waiting for the announcement for such workshops.

@ahmedreda - @mady.tamer - you guys can use this platform to discuss possible partnership - if there is a chance for it, let me know if you’d want the club to host a meeting.

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We have created a category for you, feel free to post the positions at:

The posts will automatically be sent to all members who signed up to the community platform already - I might also add it to our upcoming mail shot to 50K registered contacts :slight_smile:

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Partnership is much better and more healthy than competition, totally agree.

thank you so much :wink:

Hello Dear All,

First, Thanks abdo for the good forum and activity to collect theses great minds in one place, keep up the good work.

I am Hosam Eldeen Mostafa.

Founder and CEO of

We are providing high-end , powerful dedicated server hosting , virtual server hosting and shared server hosting.

We take care of all technical aspects of our clients’ servers so that they do not need to hire specialized IT guy or system admin.

We are working mainly in Germany, France and Amsterdam, and we hope we can expand to Egypt and Mena as well.

Happy to be with you.


and regarding at least 20 character; I’m trying to complete them 20; sorry!

Thanks Hossam,

Kindly contact me: +201001464165


kindly contact me:

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Great news to hear. Can’t wait to participate.


Hello Everyone,

I am Ahmed Ahmed Founder of 5 startups which are:

1- Helpawy : Platform to help people to find their kidnaped children , Stolen cars & to donate blood.
2- HuntOffers: Dailydeals website
3- GangCard : Moile app for deals.
4- Karpooler: Carpooling mobile app.
5- Bernamgy: website to let the Egyptians provide solution & creative ideas for the existing problem in our country & our role was to filter & introduce the best solutions among these ideas to the government.

FInally I am starting a new Startup for Food Delivery called YofoPlus

you can find all the details of these startups on my Linkedin profile

Best Regards.

I Will call you today, I believe we may know each others as I have graduated from Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams university 2006 :grinning:

I believe so; Do you remember Dr. Mahmoud Younes?

Hassan Refaat, Senior consultant and business developer
I work for developing smart cities based on IOT infrastructure.
However, I have some entrepreneurial and corporate venturing endeavors that contributed in establishing international business accelerators and incubators.
I didn’t attend any previous events with Egypreneur yet.

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Karim Yehia
Founder and Owner of TOY&JOY toy stores
We are importers, distributors and retailers of all kinds of toys and games

Now I am also the Founder and CEO of DRAGON ISLAND which is a company specialized in organizing all kinds of events for kids and teenagers, we opened our first adventure park in Maadi with the first Zipline and outdoor trampoline park in Cairo, our second park will be opened sood

I hope I meet in this community people with new ideas which could be useful in this field, and I am open to participate in other fields if I can help
We also need employees who really want to achieve something in life and to grow in company up to the managerial level

Essam El-Saadi
Business Development @PraxiLabs [] … we provide virtual science labs and educational 3D simulations for educational institutions and students.

I mainly aim at expanding my network, get help along the way through shared experiences and hopefully provide help in return whenever I can.

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