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Hi Everyone, My name is Khaled Marmoush. I’m the founder and CEO of a small consulting company offering business transformation services. Business Transformation is all about achieving the client’s 5-year business plan thru the re-engineering of the business processes and the automation of the prioritized business areas/processes.

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My Name is Eslam Shaker, Founder of IntelliDev, a small software house that help businesses reach more clients and sales by building top notch websites and mobile applications.
We are new in the market (as a company not as a team of developers) so we can offer some competitive pricing for our first clients. :slight_smile:
Hope to achieve success with you.

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Hello dear I am Soha M. El Baklawy the founder of businessita women empowerment
We are building a community platform of women to focus and solve on women’s challenges in business
check my website and my FB page
my FB group .
Businessita (ladies Only)

Am looking for collaborations through forming a specific package for Businessita women empowerment or even a workshop so please let me know if you are interested

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That’s how CTOs do it :wink:

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Welcome on board Ehab, what’s your views on startup/corporate partnership. Is this something you are looking for to engage with startup that could work with Orange?

Sounds great, we are thinking of having an open startup advisory day at the club where we match entrepreneurs with advisors for quick sesions - would you be interested in taking part of such initiative? - We are looking at sustainable models as well to offer subscription-based advisory services to our community.

Looking forward to meeting up at one of our upcoming networking activities.


Welcome on board Sayed. We have some startup pitching opportuniteis on the pipeline, we will probably start a private thread here as well to track the readiness for startups.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming SpeedNetworking events, you can signup to March from here:

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It’s good to see you here Mona. We want to utilize our Club as an awareness platform to similar concepts, at some point we should host some activities in this direction. Will pass the tip for upcoming community managers to put it in action isA

Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming events :slight_smile:

Trying to make connections with fellow community members who said they can help with that: @Unicorn - we also host workshops in this direction, will see the best opportunity to organize one of them.

Welcome to the community Ahmad.

Welcome on board Khaled, we are in the process of packaging an offering for Advisors that should be of interst to you, check out the other pinned thread above and let me what you think.

I understand from the above that it’s more like optimizing the operation of the business for growth?

Welcome on board Eslam, we offer a one-stop-shop service platform. If you can share with us the packages you are offering we can see if we can help directly with promotion and referrals. At the mean time, I think you’ll find plenty of community members with relevant needs.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Sure, always open for collaboration especially with our members. Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming SpeedNetworking event and to discuss further. - getting a workshop done should be a piece of cake.


I’m almost working on the same idea :smiley::smiley: , actually many people are doing so.

Here will add benefit to the community visitors of platform :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Abdelrahman.
I am waiting for the announcement for such workshops.

@ahmedreda - @mady.tamer - you guys can use this platform to discuss possible partnership - if there is a chance for it, let me know if you’d want the club to host a meeting.

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We have created a category for you, feel free to post the positions at:

The posts will automatically be sent to all members who signed up to the community platform already - I might also add it to our upcoming mail shot to 50K registered contacts :slight_smile:

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Partnership is much better and more healthy than competition, totally agree.