What's your Egypreneur profile type?

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Egypreneur as a website had been around since 2008, we only recently started to profile the different types of people we get to interact with and their specific needs. We have listed some of these profiles at: http://egypreneur.eg/getstarted

We would love to hear your feedback on the profiles mentioned in this page and whether you think the categorization is accurate or needs optimization?

    1. Sole Entrepreneur / Self Employed Professional: I’m a business professional, starting to get down to business on my own
    1. Technology Entrepreneur: I use technology to disrupt industries and build a high growth business
    1. Mother Entrepreneur: My time is almost split between running my business and taking care of my family
    1. Commercial Entrepreneur: I’m running a shop or store in a commercial property, handling direct sales
    1. Service Entrepreneur: I provide professional and/or business services to individuals and businesses
    1. Social Entrepreneur: I’m building a sustainable business model for a social venture that helps my community
    1. Industrial Entrepreneur: I’m producing products through running a factory or manufacturing facility
    1. Knowledge Entrepreneur: I’m offering consulting , training or coaching based on my domain or industry expertise
    1. Individual Investor: I have excess income I would like to invest in ventures with high potential
    1. Institutional Investor: I work for an investment firm with a sophisticated investment process and requirements
    1. Startup Executive: I have experience working for several startup projects handling one of its main functions
    1. SME Executive: I work for a stable small or medium company looking at opportunities for growth
    1. Company Partner: I’m part of a business partnership in high value service law, accounting, production .etc
    1. Corporate Executive: I work for a large enterprises that values innovation and partner with entrepreneurs
    1. Nonprofit Executive: I work for an local or international development or membership-based organization/association
    1. Education Professional: I’m an education professional who want to connect my institution and students to entrepreneurship.

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P.S. We will use this exercise to improve our communications so every community members is targetted with the most relevant communications to them.

Sole Entrepreneur / Self Employed Professional
I’m a business professional, starting to get down to business on my own

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